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Imke Sloos is an energetic girl from The Netherlands, motivated by distinct ideas, dreams and stories.


Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven she specialized in social design. Getting to know 'the other' is a social point in her projects, to do effort to understand the other whether it is a human or animal or a situation. She developed methods to infiltrate in 'the other', which becomes very visible de Kolenkittens.

Imke often works as mediator and a fire starter as a freelance social designer. Her inventive way of working carries charm and inter connectivity. Her project queuerators hacks waiting lines for joyful moments and stimulation of contact between strangers. To Imke the queue becomes more interesting than its destination this way.

de Ambulancedienst, the collective in which Imke operates, breathes creativity. They preach and practise a pro-active approach for original events and culture in urban areas. Working closely together with theater makers, sound designers and caterers Imke organises the most extraordinary events.

Dream Dog Workshop by Imke Sloos, Sterre Otten Photography.jpg

Dream Dog Workshop, graduation project
Photo by Sterre Otten

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