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Collective of five artists, hosting extraordinary events in Eindhoven.

Enterprising individuals with just enough similarities host the most remarkable events, combining design, theater, catering and sound. My role as designer and curator are adding up to my colleagues Piet Bergman (artist and creative catering), Josine Beugels (artist and creative catering), Julia van der Pas (actress and theatermaker) and Sjefke de Kok (DJ and sound designer)


Photo by Wouter Hendriks

The Waiting Room

This pandemic-proof physical livestream event by Storioni Festival Eindhoven, to enjoy classical music while you wait and have dinner for 2 in your vehicle. After collecting your rose-leaves and candles you get served by our catering nurses. The music by Storioni Trio was directly streamed over the car-radio's while enjoying your mini quarantine concert.

In 2021 de Ambulancedienst is in the list of 5 nominees of Eindhoven Cultuurprijs 2021, for creating the much-needed taste for culture in Eindhoven.

Spoedeisende Honger

This event will not only satisfy your hunger in half an hour, but meanwhile your vehicle will be soaked and you will be musically entertained.  While you unpack your food, the nurses will inspect your car on diseases and send her to the right doctors in IC. Vitamins fly everywhere, that's when the doctors start to heal your vehicle: a tailored carwash where even your fuel is carefully filled up. 

Suzanne de campervan, most characteristic vehicle in Eindhoven is part of de Ambulancedienst. Together with Julia van der Pas, Imke hosts theater pieces, radio on wheels events and lead friends to the altar in this vehicle. Watch Suzanne de Campervan on Instagram.

movie by Tom Elswijk

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