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A fictional agency where visitors can assemble and customize their desired pet.

Imke as your host, will be pleased to provide visitors the necessary information about the genetic consequences of everyone's choice.

We call them our best friends, and yet we force dogs into shapes that complicate their ability to walk, breathe, eat or procreate. In an attempt to ‘optimise’ their loveable features, breeders create purebreds that are literally out of proportion. Cute heads, funny faces and fashionable hips cause painful and deadly diseases. Imke Sloos invites future dog owners to her Dream Dog Workshop to design their own dog and assemble it from a variety of limbs, ears, heads, tails or furs. But as the pieces come together, the health risk of the aesthetic choices also becomes obvious; isn’t it time to ask the breeding industry for something else?

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These are all the looks of todays purebred dogs, a process of natural selection trough many years.

Dream Dog Workshop by Imke Sloos, Sterre Otten Photography.jpg
Dream Dog Workshop by Imke Sloos, Sterre Otten Photography.jpg

Imke walking a designed dog in the streets
Photo by Sterre Otten

Imke collecting chosen limbs for a client
Photo by Sterre Otten

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